Safely Carry Tripod On Shoulder With Camera Attached

Like many nature photographers, I wanted the convenience of keeping my camera attached to my tripod, slung over my shoulder, while hiking from one location to the next. Detaching and reattaching your camera to your tripod can be a bit of a nuisance. The less you have to hassle with seemingly trivial things, the more energy you are able to focus on your craft.

The issue with transporting your camera in this manner is the concern that the camera may become detached from the tripod and crash to the ground. That could make for a very bad day, to say the least.

One solution is to run the camera strap up one of the legs of the tripod. If the camera detaches from the tripod while slung over your shoulder, it will fall only as far as the length of the camera strap.

I gave this issue some thought. I purchased a couple of paracord key chains for just a few bucks each. The following images illustrate my simple solution.

In this illustration, you see the paracord key chain attached to one of the tripod head handles. I unscrewed the handle, slipped the ring over it and screwed the handle back on….


In the following image, you can see that I’ve attached the opposite end of the key chain to the camera strap….


In this final image, you see the enormous benefit of having safely secured your camera to your tripod….


If you do carry your camera on your tripod it seems to me it’s common sense to have a safety feature in place. Whether you run the camera strap up one of the tripod legs, use my parachord key chain method, or employ your own solution, I’d like to hear from you. Please comment and share your solution.


Till the next time…..Tom



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