Don’t Let Thanksgiving Photos Be Turkeys

Thanksgiving is one Holiday besides perhaps only Christmas, when entire families get together. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture some great family photos. 

Following is a list of some images you can take. Remember to have your gear prepped the night before. Don’t forget to charge your batteries!

1. Whether you or someone else prepares the Thanksgiving meal, try to capture the love that goes into each dish. Get shots of the preparation and the completed dishes.

2. Get the perfectly set table before anyone sits at it, unfolds a napkin or moves a fork. Usually Thanksgiving table settings are so nicely done they’re fit for royalty.

3. You can take shots of the warm hugs and kisses as guests arrive. It’s okay to take some posed shots, especially of relatives you do not see very often, and, in some cases, may never see again. However, I much prefer taking and looking at candid shots. They are just so much more interesting and fun to look at!

4. Of course, you want to capture the family at the table. Again, for me, candid is the way to go. Take the entire group, a few people and individual shots. You can take the family saying Grace, eating, talking, laughing, etc. Take lots of varied shots.

5. If your family plays football or some other game, be sure to get those as well.

6. Don’t forget the best shot of the day; the guys sitting on the couch and easy chairs, with their belts loosened, regretting they had three helpings of dinner and 2 pieces of pie.

There is a period of a couple of years for which my wife and I do not have any images of myself. This is when I first had a camera, took all the family photos, and never thought to hand the camera to someone else and ask them to take a picture of me. So, remember to get in some of the pictures!

Wishing everyone a very Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!!!…..Tom

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