Find Your Happy Place

Are You Trying To Find Your Happy Place?

About eighteen months ago, while I was withering away at my desk in the corporate world, I discovered the following Mark Twain quote:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

That quote grabbed me by the throat! I read it several times, astonished at how it was possible Mark Twain could know exactly who I am when I would not be born for another 49 years after his death.

I pinned that quote to my cubicle and read it several times a day, desperately wanting to be a full-time nature photographer. It gave me hope, inspired me and brightened the light at the end of the tunnel. I never doubted I’d realize my dream. The tough part was waiting for that day to finally arrive.

While surfing the Web just a couple of days ago, I came across another Mark Twain quote:

“The two most important days of your life are the day that you were born and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain.

I discovered my happy place

Like most people, I am still clueless about the day I was born. However, thankfully, I have been blessed to have it revealed to me why I was born. Now, please do not misunderstand me. I do not presume, for a second, to understand the precise reason God created me. Rather, I am saying that I found what makes me tick, what floats my boat, what gives me immense pleasure. I discovered my happy place. I’ve discovered what I want to do with my life. Having realized my dream of becoming a full-time nature photographer gives me tremendous satisfaction. It will give me even more satisfaction if others enjoy my photography as well.

Here’s to hoping you find your happy place.

Till next time….Tom


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Hunting With Camera and Rifle Similar

Some time ago, an acquaintance mentioned that he is a hunter. He asked what I do for fun. Without hesitation, I replied that I also hunt, but with a camera.  At that moment I realized that indeed, hunting with a camera is similar to hunting with a rifle.

As a nature photographer, I prep my camera gear in much the same way a hunter preps his hunting gear. Both “sports” require advanced planning, careful attention to detail, and often, a great deal of patience. For both the photographer and hunter, the goal is making a great shot. Continue reading »

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Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

From The Rocky Mountain Arsenal  site:

“Located just northeast of Denver, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge  is a 15,000-acre expanse of prairie, wetland and woodland habitat. The land has a unique story – it has survived the test of time and transitioned from farmland, to war-time manufacturing site, to wildlife sanctuary. It may be one of the finest conservation success stories in history and a place where wildlife thrives, including a herd of about 80 bison”. Continue reading »

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My Journey to Becoming a Professional Photographer

Every now and then I think about my journey to becoming a professional photographer. I consider how my journey began, and what my personal experiences are that brought me to where I am today. Each of us has a unique story.

My journey began with a Freshman year high school science project. Of the choices offered, I chose to make a pinhole camera. I do not recall what the other project choices were, but, looking back, I have to believe this was a fateful day. Continue reading »

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Gear To Bring On A Nature Photo Shoot

As a nature photographer, there are a number of important steps I follow. A critical one is to prep the gear to bring on a nature photo shoot. My prep begins a few days prior to a trip, in case I need to devote extra time to some piece of gear  requiring special attention. My list comprises two categories:  my camera gear, and then everything else. “Everything else”, as you probably surmised, consists of things like food, water, sunscreen, etc. Of course, you’ll want to make some adjustments to fit your personal needs.

Continue reading »

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Nature Photos Closer Than You Think

This being my very first blog article about nature photos, I wanted it to be a good effort. I thought long and hard about what the topic should be. I considered the many possibilities over a period of weeks.

I considered writing about some basic photo techniques, Rocky Mountain National Park, Eldorado Canyon State Park, how and why I got into shooting nature photos, or the many scenic locations Colorado has to offer. I also considered what it was like to travel to various locations.

While trying to come up with a topic, I stepped onto the deck in my backyard, thinking if I spent some quiet time alone, breathing in some fresh air, I might be hit with some much needed inspiration. As I looked around, it struck me that a person does not have to travel far to obtain nature photos. Continue reading »

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