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Tom Potter

Hi! I’m Tom Potter, a Colorado nature photographer, offering photo prints for sale, on fine paper and canvas.

I was born in The Bronx, New York, then lived in Brooklyn for 13 years, till I moved to the scenic state of Colorado, in 1996.Tom Potter

My first influence came to me in about 1992, when I stumbled upon a television program that featured two photographers explaining how to photograph a waterfall. I was fascinated by the fact that these two guys were being paid to do what they loved to do. The way I saw it, they were paid not to do a job, but to have fun!  It actually takes a lot of work to be a successful photographer, but work that’s a tremendous amount of  fun and incredibly satisfying. That was my “AHA!” moment. I knew right then and there that I wanted to – NO! – I HAD to be a nature photographer! My first professional influence was Art Wolfe. Other favorites are Galen Rowell, Peter Lik and John Fielder, a fellow Coloradan.

Like most, I began with film, but have come to love shooting digital. I very much enjoy everything about photography, from planning my outings, prepping my gear, being outdoors, carefully studying a scene, to processing and displaying the resulting images.

My education consists of New York Institute of Photography, a course at Brooklyn College, countless books, sites, forums and online articles, numerous DVDs.

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I hope you enjoy my images. Please visit often to see my latest additions…….

Tom Potter